Turtle Keychain Set

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***If you are using FACEBOOK to place your order you will need to send an email to creativelycustomizedcreations@hotmail.com with your personalization information within 24 hours of placing your order. Please make sure you include all necessary information including pattern choices, glitter choices and names. We are unable to process any order without this information. We will make one attempt to contact if we do not receive an email, if we do not receive a response within 24 hours your order will be canceled. Alternatively you may place your order directly on our website where you will be walked through all of the personalization requirements. ***

***If you are purchasing a "mama set" (a keychain with a big one and multiple small ones) your purchase price will only be correct if you need one small one. If you need more than one small one your price will not be accurate and you will receive an invoice for the remainder amount due. The price you currently see is for one big and one small, each additional small is $1 each. This invoice will be due within 24 hours and if not paid will cause you order to be canceled. For example purchasing the mama bear and you need two baby bears, you will pay $8 now for the keychain but the total for your keychain is actually $9, the $1 will be invoiced to you. Unfortunately facebook does not have the capability to charge for the additional item. ***

Turtle shape is made from high quality professional acrylic, measuring at approximately 3 inches and attached to a heavy duty steel split key ring. Mini turtles are also made from high quality professional acrylic, measuring at approximately 1.5 inches and attached to the same heavy duty steel split key ring. The design is sealed in resin to offer protection to the design and to give it a nice clean, smooth and glossy finish. The resin also allows for it to be wiped clean and sanitized easily.

This keychain is handmade so there could be slight differences from the photograph or slight imperfections. However, every step is taken to make sure these do not occur.

A leather tassel in a matching color is included on the chain link of the keychain.

You get to pick the pattern for the mom (and a different name if you like), along with the glitter colors and names for each baby.

- The keychain includes one big turtle and one small turtle, each additional small turtle is $1 each.

-PLEASE double check your order to ensure all spelling of any personalization is accurate. Keychain cannot be changed once it has been made. Please ensure everything has been submitted correctly to ensure timely processing of your order.

The pattern is only available for the big turtle, if you pick a pattern for the small turtle your order will be canceled.